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Look for FLAHERTY genealogy here. These are the Flahertys who came from County Galway and setteled in Maryland for approx. 20 years. They then went to Webster County, Iowa.

Do you know anything about Thomas F. Flaherty and his ancestors? The backward trail runs cold before Michael Flaherty (his grandfather) in Ireland although I think I know Michael's fathers name. There was an Edward Flaherty in Ireland. I only know that he had a son named Michael Flaherty who was born in 1799 in County Galway. This was "my" Michael.

Michael and his family came to America in about 1835. The family lived in Maryland for 20 years then moved to Iowa. Michael died 5 Jun 1890 in Iowa but that is getting ahead of the story.

When Michael left Ireland in it was before the famine so I can only guess why he left. Upon leaving he took his wife Catherine (Higgins), his son Thomas, and probably one or two other children. He may have brought his father Edward Flaherty with him. They settled in Maryland. Catherine was born in 1805 in Ireland and died in Iowa on 5 March 1880.

After about 20 years in Maryland they left (by now 7 children) for Webster County, Iowa. (Near Ft. Dodge.)

Thomas (born in Ireland in 1829) had 11 children. His wife was Catherine Welch, also born in Ireland. His son Thomas F. Flaherty was born 6 Jan 1868 in Iowa.The family farm was near Tara, not far from Ft. Dodge. He later lived in and had an insurance business in Ft. Dodge where my mother was born (in 1898). The Flaherty name (my direct connection) ends with Thomas F. Flaherty as he had three daughters but no sons. One daughter married a Dowd, one a Mulholland and one a Garcia.

As I have no idea about much of the life of the Flahertys 1799 to 1834. I have written an item of historical fiction titled "I'm Going" which describes Michael Flaherty's reasons for leaving Ireland. It covers the family's years in Maryland, the search for land in the far west, Indian troubles, etc. All is from Webster County history books and as accurate as I could make it. If you are one of the Iowa Flahertys let me know and I will get a copy to you. Tom Garcia April 2004. (Reviewed March 2009, still OK). Contact me at tom@eastwindrain.com